tv lift remote control

Although remote controls aren’t the make it or break it selling point for a TV lift, they do create a more enjoyable user experience. Here are a few things you’ll like about these Nexus 21 TV lift accessories:

1. Options – you can choose an infrared or radiofrequency remote control depending on your preference. If your TV lift is located in a central area for viewing from multiple locations, you may want the RF option. You don’t need line of sight to activate the lift with RF. So, you could keep the remote in a drawer in the kitchen and use it to bring the TV lift up or down in the living room if you wanted to.

2. Maybe you already use a “universal” remote control to work multiple devices like the TV, DVD player and cable box, and you want to use that same remote to work the TV lift. You can easily do this by “learning” the IR codes for the TV lift into your universal remote. That way, you can raise the TV and activate all the different equipment using your existing remote.

3. Our standard lift remote just offers an up button and a down button. However, our high-tech smart cabinets come with a universal remote that features a digital display. You can get rid of all your other remotes and use this one for your TV, cable box, DVD player, game station, and more. A DVD comes with the remote so you don’t have to read one of those remote control setup guides with the impossibly tiny print to find the correct codes.

Last but not least, if you ever lose a Nexus 21 remote, you can order a replacement at any time.