Introducing the L-50 series: A reimagining of our flagship L-45 series of pop-up and swivel TV lifts.

The redesigned, ultra-slim mechanisms require just 6″ of depth + depth of TV. This is a 4″ reduction, giving professionals greater design flexibility and the ability to improve overall aesthetic appeal.

In addition to the slimmer design, we’ve increased the travel for each model in the series, and implemented advanced safety technology. Continuing our commitment to constant innovation, the new L-50 series offers more installation possibilities than ever before. Every system is made in the U.S. and is backed by a 10-year full coverage warranty.

The new series includes:

Model L-50
Model L-50 combines flawless reliability with precision engineering to give you the perfect entertainment experience. Hide anything from a 40” TV at the foot of your bed, to a 65” TV in a living room cabinet, all at the push of a button.

Model L-50s
Model L-50s enhances the L-50 design with smooth swivel function, allowing for manual rotation up to 180 degrees in either direction with a locking home position.

Model L-50en
Model L-50en makes it easy to place an enclosure around the television, simultaneously shielding the electronics from the elements while seamlessly integrating them into the décor of the room. Commonly called the Enclosure Lift, this lift and bracket system will hide anything from a 40” TV at the foot of your bed to a 60” TV in a half wall (enclosure itself is not provided).

Model L-50ens
Perfect for situations when the backside of the television is exposed, like at the foot of the bed or in a half wall. The lift and bracket system allow you to place an enclosure around the television that will seamlessly integrate the TV into the decor of the room. The smooth manual swivel function enables you to face the TV in any direction, creating the ideal viewing angle (enclosure itself is not included).

Model DL-50
Designed to handle heavy screens with ease, with 220lbs of weight capacity and a dual-column design.

Model DL-50b
A single mechanism that allows you to raise two screens mounted back to back. Often used to separate living spaces, this model is also perfect for half-walls and multi-use spaces like hotel lobbies.

The L-50 series is available today. Call us at 1-888-981-9919 to start your next project.

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