Too many people plan their living space around their TV. Whether it’s resting on a cabinet or being mounted to the wall, it’s the first question they ask themselves when imagining the layout: “Well, where is the TV going?” This typical order of events puts constraints on the design process and the overall flow of the home. With Model CL-65e, you can start with design and end with TV placement, not the other way around.


This motorized ceiling TV lift flips down 95° and extends downward up to two feet. Accommodating up to 65” TVs, CL-65e is perfect for high ceilings – at full extension, the bottom edge of the TV is 58” from the ceiling, giving homeowners a highly versatile viewing experience. Once they stop watching and they’d like to hide the TV away, they can do so in 40 seconds with the push of a button.


CL-65e can be installed in the ceiling framing or bolted directly to the ceiling surface, and only requires 7-⅝” of vertical space for in-ceiling installations – these and a handful of other features (explained below) make for simple and flexible installation, regardless of construction hurdles like limited attic space or joist positioning. Once it’s installed, any ceiling material can be attached for a finish that blends with the home’s aesthetic.


CL-65e is the quietest, fastest, and most reliable product of its kind. Like all Nexus 21 ceiling TV lifts, it’s backed by a 10-year, full-replacement warranty.