Whether your clients want to overcome layout challenges or hide technology around the home, we have more solutions than ever! Check out our latest innovations below.

CL-65e Flip-Down + Extend TV Lift

Model CL-65e combines our popular flip-down TV lift with versatile downward-extension capability.

L-75ix Drop-Down + Swivel TV Lift

Model L-75ix is the go-to solution for living spaces that require multiple viewing angles from a drop-down TV.

L-85 Series of Pop-Up & Swivel TV Lifts

Now swivel up to 86″ screens with the L-85 series of pop-up TV lifts. Check out Models L-85, L-85s, XL-85 and XL-85s.

Coming Soon

Pop-up TV lifts with motorized swivel — lift and swivel with the press of a button.