Hidden Storage Lifts

Automation Cabinets That Can Save You Space

  We talk a lot about TV concealments on our blog. Many of our clients come to us requesting TV lifts for their homes, [...]

Microwave Furniture: 4-Wheel Portable Kitchens

When Paradise Coach in Coburg, OR, called us about installing a lift into a bus they were overhauling, we didn’t hesitate. The bus in question was a 1947 GMC Silverside, [...]

TV for the Elderly: How TV Lifts Can Help Seniors

The importance of remaining independent is a big part of many seniors’ lives, and a great deal of older people are choosing to live out their golden years in the [...]

Man Cave TV Stand – 5 Screen Man Cave TV Lift

Struggling to find the perfect gift for that special man in your life? Perhaps a gift for his man-cave is in order. A man cave, it should be noted, is [...]

At the Office: TV Lifts for the Professional World

How is your office looking these days? Is it up to date? Does it have high tech devices to impress visitors? It might be time for an upgrade in any [...]

Under/Over the Bed Lifts vs Ceiling or Footboard TV Lifts

We’ve all seen demonstrations for TV lift mechanisms that fit under the bed. Like a giant robot arm, they slide from under the bed, cranking into position with a whir [...]

Gun Safe Cabinets & Custom Gun Safe Stand

Whether you are a fan of The Walking Dead or not, you can’t deny that for many, the thought of a zombie attack is terrifying! Of course, zombies aren’t the [...]

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Dining Room TV Stands, Cabinets & Lifts

A TV lift can be used for many purposes throughout your home - but perhaps the most effective uses take place in the realm of the kitchen and dining rooms. [...]

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How to Hide Guns at Home: Safely Hiding Your Guns

If you want the perfect gadget to conceal your firearms in your home, look no further. At Nexus 21, our automated lifts have got you covered (no pun intended). So [...]

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