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Tips & Tricks for Installing Outdoor Lifts

With summer weather on the way, customers will look outside for their next project. A TV lift can be the perfect addition to a luxurious outdoor space, while also keeping [...]

Automation Cabinets That Can Save You Space

  We talk a lot about TV concealments on our blog. Many of our clients come to us requesting TV lifts for their homes, [...]

TV for the Elderly: How TV Lifts Can Help Seniors

The importance of remaining independent is a big part of many seniors’ lives, and a great deal of older people are choosing to live out their golden years in the [...]

Small Kitchen TV Ideas & Appliance Lift Ideas

Tired of cluttered looking cabinets and cords everywhere from small appliances? A TV lift could transform a section of your kitchen into a useful oasis – with even better aesthetics [...]

January 7th, 2015|DIY Projects, Kitchen Lifts|0 Comments

Kitchen TV Lifts – a Modern Convenience for the Modern Homeowner

Today, kitchens are gathering places for the entire family. Formal dining rooms sit unused, as everyone gathers around the kitchen table! Kitchens are bigger, roomier, and have plenty of space. [...]

Kitchen Automation & Kitchen Lifts

Is your backsplash a sad and sorry place where sponges go to die? What if you could utilize this “lost space” and make it an integral part of your storage [...]

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