Kitchen TV Lift

Increasing Home Value Through Automation

Every home designer meets challenges. Imagine having an empty lot as a canvas, then merging your expertise and creativity with the expectations and preferences of the homeowner. That’s difficult enough. [...]

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TV for the Elderly: How TV Lifts Can Help Seniors

The importance of remaining independent is a big part of many seniors’ lives, and a great deal of older people are choosing to live out their golden years in the [...]

Kitchen TV Lifts – a Modern Convenience for the Modern Homeowner

Today, kitchens are gathering places for the entire family. Formal dining rooms sit unused, as everyone gathers around the kitchen table! Kitchens are bigger, roomier, and have plenty of space. [...]

Cabinet Lifts for the Kitchen & More

You may love watching cooking shows and really want to try your hand at the dishes presented - but running back and forth from your living room to your kitchen [...]

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Hidden Storage Lifts

As you may have noticed over the last couple of years of blogging, it’s not always about the TVs with us. In fact, while televisions remain the most popular application [...]

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We Can Build Kitchen TV Under Cabinet & Counter

We don’t know what it is about 2012, but this has been the year for great kitchen TV lift projects. We’ve seen all kinds of wonderful photos streaming in from [...]

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The True Price of Home Automation

Brian Benda, one of our Nexus 21 TV lift customers does. That may seem like a lot of money to spend on a home depending on your income bracket. But [...]

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Hidden TV: How To Hide A Television

Do you remember getting Highlights Magazine as a child? There was always one mind teaser game in there that featured a complex line drawing. Your goal was to find as [...]

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