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Switching to Custom, Luxury Motorcoaches Propelled Business

Of the nearly half a million motorcoaches sold each year in the U.S., some of the best luxury motorcoaches can be found at a manufacturing facility in Nacogdoches, Texas. “There [...]

Luxurious Outdoor Space Redefined – Nexus 21

The red and gold leaves adorning the trees of Austin, Texas are just beginning to fall. In a stunning home  just north of the city, Jim Casper and his family [...]

Announcing the Winner of #NexusBest17

Three months later, more than 22 entries from around the world and we have a winner. Jim Casper, owner of 1st Call Security Solution in Round Rock, Texas, won for [...]

Tips & Tricks for Installing Outdoor Lifts

With summer weather on the way, customers will look outside for their next project. A TV lift can be the perfect addition to a luxurious outdoor space, while also keeping [...]

Things to Consider When Purchasing an Under-Floor TV Lift

When looking to install a new TV lift, there are a number of options, from pop-ups to drop downs and even stand alone lift cabinets. However, when adding furniture is [...]

Weatherproof TV Enclosures: Outdoor TV Stands That Are Weatherproof

A lot of the professionals we work with come to us for lifts that can conceal TVs in an outdoor patio space. The most popular location for a patio lift? [...]

Patio TV Cabinets & Patio TV Lifts

What does your deck look like? Is it a small balcony type affair? A wide expanse lifted on stilts that help it overlook an expanse of grassy acreage?  A wrap-around [...]

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Deck TV Stand & Lift: Why You Need One

In the past, having a TV outside meant running an extension cord through the sliding patio door, dragging a bench into place and propping the TV up with a couple [...]

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Outdoor Pop Up TVs

You know how it goes. It's the day of the big game, the grill is fired up, you are running back and forth from the patio to the living room, [...]

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Cabinet TV Lift: TV Lift Built Behind the Cabinet

Brick and stone are popular facings for outdoor kitchen cabinets with stainless steel doors. But sometimes, the cabinets need to stand alone without a decorative façade. That’s especially cost-effective and [...]

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