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TV Lift Design

Interior designers enter into a project with very specific objectives. Designer and maker Christina Hilborne runs a British Columbia design firm. She recently had her first encounter with a Nexus [...]

What Kinds of Businesses can Benefit from a TV Lift?

Many different jobs involve the use of visuals, and a flat screen TV ceiling lift can be a stylish addition to your viewing array. Even if you don’t utilize TVs [...]

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Custom Built TV Cabinets

You’ve decided to install a TV lift cabinet in your living room or bedroom. Now comes the next decision. Do you choose to buy a new cabinet, pick up an [...]

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Build Your Own TV Stand: Learn How to Make Your Own TV Stand

If you enjoy making your own high quality, handmade furniture, why not attempt a TV cabinet? With a TV lift option, you don’t have to construct an enormous entertainment center. [...]

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TV Lifts for Beds & Bedroom TV Lifts

Looking for a way to spice up the bedroom? No, we aren’t talking about adding handcuffs and blindfolds, “50 Shades” style. We are just talking about adding a TV lift! [...]

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Kitchen TV Lifts – a Modern Convenience for the Modern Homeowner

Today, kitchens are gathering places for the entire family. Formal dining rooms sit unused, as everyone gathers around the kitchen table! Kitchens are bigger, roomier, and have plenty of space. [...]

TV Lift or TV Wall Mount? Make the Right Choice!

Your new slim profile TV deserves a special place - but how do you keep it and your kids safe without compromising the quality of your viewing time? While people [...]

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Smart TV Cabinets: Keeping Systems Cool

A TV lift cabinet is designed to raise your television into open air for viewing, while keeping it under wraps the rest of the time, The best cabinets also have [...]

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DIY TV Lift Cabinet & DIY TV Lift Cabinet Plan

At Nexus 21, we love catering to the DIY crowd. If you browse our photo gallery, you’ll see some fantastic examples of what our customers can achieve with a little [...]

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TV Structures: Lifts, Pull Downs, and More

Strictly Mission is our featured cabinetmaking partner for this week. If you crave the rough, geometric style of late 19th century American furniture, you’ll love this TV lift cabinet. This [...]

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