Applications Brochure

A downloadable booklet showcasing many of the different applications for our products.

Product Guide

A comprehensive list of all Nexus 21’s products and specifications.

Spec & Data Sheets

A 2-page pdf highlighting each model’s characteristics along with technical information.

Pop Up and Pop Up Swivel
Model L-23 >
Model L-23s >
Model L-27 >
Model L-27s >
Model L-50 >
Model L-50s >
Model L-50en >
Model L-50ens >
Model DL-50 >
Model DL-50b >
Model L-75: Model L-85 (REPLACES L-75)
Model L-75s: Model L-85s (REPLACES L-75s)
Model XL-75: Model XL-85 (REPLACES XL-75)
Model XL-75s: Model XL-85s (REPLACES XL-75s)
Model L-85 >
Model L-85s >
Model XL-85 >
Model XL-85s >
Model L-90 >

Drop Down
Model L-23i >
Model L-27i >
Model L-75i+ >
Model L-75ix >
Model CL-65+ >
Model CL-65e >

Hidden Storage
Model AL-125 >
Model AL-250 >

Motorized TV Wall Mounts
Apex >
Transcend Pro Surface >
(Note: The Transcend Pro Surface is being discontinued. Limited stock remaining. Please contact us to check availability.)

Projector Drop-Downs
Eclipse Series Model E-550 >