Living Room TV Lift Gallery

Ceiling TV Drop Down in Front of Fireplace

A large drop down from the ceiling.

Homeowner and Cabinetmaker Talk About Their TV Lift Project

An interview with a Scottsdale customer.

Hidden TV Behind Custom Cabinet

Creatively hide a TV behind a custom cabinet.

Cabinetmaker Creates Beautiful TV Lift Cabinet

A handcrafted cabinet to hide your TV.

Solid Cherry Custom TV Lift Cabinet

Beautiful media cabinet with hidden TV.

Imported TV Lift vs Nexus 21 TV Lift

Nexus 21 lift is way quieter than the old TV lift.

Entertainment Center With Pull-Out Pop Up TV Cabinet

A TV cabinet that pulls out from a China hutch.

Under Floor Pop Up Tv Separates Dining and Living Room

Large screen TV hidden in the floor.

A Rustic Living Room with a Hidden TV

Hide your TV so your decor can shine.

Custom Cabinet Hides TV to Avoid Blocking Beach View

TV cabinet used as room divider.

TV Does Not Block Window View From Living Room

Don't block your nice window view!

Attractive Built-In Cabinet with Large Hidden TV

Build your TV into a great looking cabinet.

Lift System in Aquarium Cabinet

Custom aquarium cabinet with hidden pop up TV.

CE Pro Top 100 Showroom

Beautiful dining cabinet with hidden TV.

Lake View with TV Hidden in Floor

Lower the TV for an amazing lake view!

Mobile TV Lift Cabinet

A unique hidden TV cabinet that is mobile.

Pop Up TV Behind Existing Furniture

Install a TV lift behind an existing cabinet.

Hidden TV in Cherry Cabinets by Fireplace

TV hides in cherry cabinet by fireplace.

Concealed Gun Cabinet Inside Custom Furniture

Completely hide your gun collection!