Pop Up TV Lift Gallery

Modern Kitchen with Incredible Hidden Technology

This kitchen is hiding something awesome!

Hidden TVs in Luxury Backyard

Two different TV lifts in luxury backyard.

Gorgeous Sea Ray Boat Interior with Hidden TV Lift

Wooden boat interior complimented by pop up TV.

Homeowner and Cabinetmaker Talk About Their TV Lift Project

An interview with a Scottsdale customer.

Pop Up TV in Faux Radiator Cover

Hotel suite with hidden TV overlooks Central Park.

Hidden TV Behind Custom Cabinet

Creatively hide a TV behind a custom cabinet.

Pop Up Swivel TV in Luxury Watercraft

A TV is hidden onboard this luxury watercraft.

Hidden TV in Luxury Backyard

Add a hidden TV to your backyard patio.

Cabinetmaker Creates Beautiful TV Lift Cabinet

A handcrafted cabinet to hide your TV.

Luxurious Land Cruiser with Pop Up 60 Inch TV

A hidden TV fits nicely into this RV.

Swivel TV Lift in Outdoor Kitchen

A great addition to any outdoor space.

Pop Up Teleconference Screen in Office Credenza

Teleconference screen raises when needed.

Top CEPro Integrator Talks About Customer Service

A luxurious modern AV showroom.

Pop Up TV in Custom Pine Cabinet

Useful outdoor pine cabinet also holds pop up TV.

TV Lifts Help Sell Homes

Real estate developer says TV lifts increase value.

Hidden TV Built Into the Decor of Restored Luxury Craft

Charming boat interior hides television.

Bedroom TV Lift in Beautiful Vacation Home

Owner avoids blocking ocean view with TV lift.

Amazing Outdoor Entertainment Area with Hidden TV

Outdoor entertainment at its finest.

Lift System in a Recording Studio

Pop-up display in high-end recording studio.

Hidden TV in Custom Cabinet by the Bed

Designer bedroom in unbelievable penthouse suite.

Custom Outdoor Kitchen with Hidden TV

An outdoor entertainment area in Hollywood.

Solid Cherry Custom TV Lift Cabinet

Beautiful media cabinet with hidden TV.

Imported TV Lift vs Nexus 21 TV Lift

Nexus 21 lift is way quieter than the old TV lift.

Entertainment Center With Pull-Out Pop Up TV Cabinet

A TV cabinet that pulls out from a China hutch.

Cozy Kitchen with a Fantastic Hidden TV

A hidden TV adds to this cozy kitchen.

Under Floor Pop Up Tv Separates Dining and Living Room

Large screen TV hidden in the floor.

A Rustic Living Room with a Hidden TV

Hide your TV so your decor can shine.

Dual Hidden TVs Pop Up In Kitchen Dining Area

Two TV's raise on one lift.

Custom Hidden TV Cabinet with Dog Kennels

Custom built media center with dog kennels.

Pop Up TV Installed in a Yukon SUV

Trick out the back of your SUV with a TV lift!

Outdoor Media Area with Pop Up TV

This outdoor area transforms into a media room.

Awesome Foot of Bed Hidden TV

Awesome TV lift in foot of bed cabinet.

Custom Cabinet Hides TV to Avoid Blocking Beach View

TV cabinet used as room divider.

TV Does Not Block Window View From Living Room

Don't block your nice window view!

Pop Up TV Outside Mountain Cabin

Mountain cabin porch features pop up television.

Attractive Built-In Cabinet with Large Hidden TV

Build your TV into a great looking cabinet.

Lift System in Aquarium Cabinet

Custom aquarium cabinet with hidden pop up TV.

Sneak Peek at Unfinished Pop Up TV Lift Cabinet

A peek during building at an unfinished lift cabinet.

CE Pro Top 100 Showroom

Beautiful dining cabinet with hidden TV.

Nautical TV Lift Cabinet

A nautical cabinet offers storage and a TV!

Two TV Screens in Custom Coach

Watching movies on this tour bus is easy!

Custom TV Lift Cabinet with Swivel in Pool Side Master Suite

TV lift cabinet with swivel in master suite.

Lake View with TV Hidden in Floor

Lower the TV for an amazing lake view!

Custom TV Lift with Jewelry Cabinet

A hidden TV and jewelry display in one.

DIY TV Lift Project

A DIY bedroom set-up with pop up TV.

Mobile TV Lift Cabinet

A unique hidden TV cabinet that is mobile.

Pop Up TV Behind Existing Furniture

Install a TV lift behind an existing cabinet.

Community Church Utilizes Mobile TV Lift Cabinet

This mobile cabinet brings the TV anywhere!

Pop Up TV Under Granite Countertop in Kitchen

Pop up TV in 'dead corner'.

Raise Three Computer Monitors with One Concealment Lift

Concealment systems reveals hidden monitors.

Hidden TV in Cherry Cabinets by Fireplace

TV hides in cherry cabinet by fireplace.

Hidden TV in Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchen area features hidden TV.

TV Hidden Under Floor in Bedroom

Hide a TV under the floor in your bedroom.