Pop Up TV Lift Gallery

Pop-Up TV Makes Viewing Easy for House of Worship

Pop-up TV makes viewing easy for house of worship.

Modern Kitchen with Incredible Hidden Technology

This kitchen is hiding something awesome!

Hidden TV Lift Complements Gorgeous Boat Interior

Wooden boat interior complimented by pop up TV.

Homeowner and Cabinetmaker Talk About Their TV Lift Project

An interview with a Scottsdale customer.

Pop Up TV Overlooks Central Park

Hotel suite with hidden TV overlooks Central Park.

Pop Up Swivel TV in Luxury Watercraft

A TV is hidden onboard this luxury watercraft.

Hidden TV Redefines Backyard Entertainment

Add a hidden TV to your backyard patio.

Swivel TV Lift Gives Outdoor Kitchen Style and Function

A great addition to any outdoor space.

Top CEPro Integrator Talks About Customer Service

A luxurious modern AV showroom.

Real Estate Developer Says TV Lifts Help Sell Homes

Real estate developer says TV lifts increase value.

Bedroom TV Lift Overlooks Lake View in Vacation Home

Owner avoids blocking ocean view with TV lift.

Outdoor Entertainment Space With Hidden TV

Outdoor entertainment at its finest.

Hidden TV in Custom Cabinet by the Bed

Designer bedroom in unbelievable penthouse suite.

Imported TV Lift vs Nexus 21 TV Lift

Nexus 21 lift is way quieter than the old TV lift.

Hidden TV at Foot of Bed

Awesome TV lift in foot of bed cabinet.

TV Lift Maintains Window View in Living Room

Don't block your nice window view!

TV Lift System Gives ‘Wow’ Factor to Aquarium Cabinet

Custom aquarium cabinet with hidden pop up TV.

CE Pro Top 100 Showroom With TV Lift

Beautiful dining cabinet with hidden TV.

Kitchen Reveals Pop Up TV Under Granite Countertop

Pop up TV in 'dead corner'.