Storage Lifts Gallery

Modern Kitchen with Incredible Hidden Technology

This kitchen is hiding something awesome!

Hidden Bar In Poker Table

Hide a bar in the center of your poker table.

Storage Lift Hides Coffee Maker in Modern Kitchen

Reveal your coffee maker only when you want it!

Kitchen Designer Wows Clients with Disappearing Cabinetry

A designer explains the benefits of storage lifts.

Hidden Microwave in Bus

This bus has a hidden appliance on-board!

Lazy Susan Bar Hidden Inside Poker Table

Wow your guests with a hidden bar!

Hidden Beer Tap in Executive Office

Hidden bar tap surprises customers!

Hidden Tequila Bar Rises from Counter

A hidden area for your top shelf varieties.

Hide Your Firearms Safely in Plain Sight

Keep your firearms inside a hidden storage lift.

Kitchen Dead Corners Come Back to Life

Utilize the corner of your kitchen for more storage.

Hidden Storage and Monitor in Executive Desk

This executive desk features hidden storage.

Appliance Lift in Kitchen Hides Coffee Maker

A special storage place for this coffee maker.

Use Hidden Storage Lifts to Hide Anything You Can Imagine

Conceal and reveal anything you can think of.

Hidden Storage in Kitchen Countertop

A unique storage option in a kitchen countertop.

Concealed Gun Cabinet Inside Custom Furniture

Completely hide your gun collection!