Frequently Asked Questions

Nexus 21 solutions come complete with everything required for installation of the lift as well as additional hardware for mounting of your screen. Watch this video for more information.

Our products are manufactured to the highest standards of quality and we are proud to provide the best and longest warranty in the industry: 10 years of full-replacement coverage.*

*Apex Motorized TV Wall Mount is covered by a 5-year, full-replacement warranty.

Any screen with a VESA-compatible mounting pattern will work with Nexus 21 lift systems.

Give us a call at 480-951-6885 or email, and a member of our Account-Management Team will be glad to consult you on your project. Office hours are:

Monday – Thursday, 7 a.m. – 4 p.m. MST
Friday, 7 a.m. – 3 p.m. MST

At Nexus 21, we engineer professional-grade motorized technology solutions, rather than mass-produced retail products. Our systems are built to last with the best warranty in the industry, and our solutions are the most cost-effective of any professional-grade manufacturer on the market.
We exclusively manufacture the lift mechanisms for each project, which does not include furniture (TV cabinets, dressers, bed frames, etc.).
Nexus 21 is solely the product manufacturer and is not directly involved in the installation process. We highly encourage that a local professional install each system. Nexus 21 Product Support is available every step of the way to answer questions that may come up during installation.
All Nexus 21 systems are rated for outdoor applications. The durable powder coat provides a corrosion-resistant finish, and we can supply additional stainless-steel hardware upon request at no additional cost. However, proper measures should always be taken to secure your lift enclosure and ensure the electrical components do not come into contact with liquid of any kind.
To ensure the best quality, our products are built to standard specifications and can’t be altered for individual applications. However, our systems can be used in an array of settings, providing a custom result with a standardized solution.

Our systems are designed with safety in mind, including:

“Breakaway” Floating-Lid Design
Eliminates lid pinch points as the lift retracts.

Enclosed Design & Cable Management
No exposed gears or tracks that could catch on clothing or hair.

Collision Detection
Lift will stop and reverse if an obstruction is detected during travel.

Swivel Cutoff
Lift won’t retract if the TV is swiveled away from its home position.

Take a look at this video for a full explanation of Nexus 21 safety features.

Nexus 21 Product Support is available by phone or email from our home office in Scottsdale, Arizona. Hours for support calls are:

Monday – Thursday, 7 a.m. – 4 p.m. MST
Friday, 7 a.m. – 3 p.m. MST

After hours, please email us at
Key specifications live at the bottom of each Nexus 21 product page, along with accessory options and diagrams. Detailed spec & data sheets are available upon request.
While all Nexus 21 products are motorized, our swivel mechanisms are operated manually. Our manual swivels are hand-built, safe and reliable over time.

Nexus 21 pop-up TV lifts and storage lifts have two lid-design options:

  1. Floating lid – The top cutout of the cabinet or other lid material travels up with – or “floats” above – the lift. Watch this video for more on floating lids.
  2. Hinged lid – The lid flips open as the lift extends, utilizing the Nexus 21 guide-bracket accessory. Check out this video for more on hinged lids.
Control options include RF, our Control System Integration Kit, which offers a combination of IR and Contact Closure, or IP (available at an additional cost).
Nexus 21 does business in 90+ countries worldwide.
Orders typically ship within 48 hours of payment. There are exceptions for some Nexus 21 products, so please reach out to your account manager for lead times on specific requests.
Nexus 21 accepts payment by Credit-Card Authorization, ACH and Wire Transfer.
Plans change, and it’s our goal to be flexible for our clients. All Nexus 21 products carry a money-back guarantee within 30 days of purchase, as long as they’re uninstalled and in the original packaging. See our full return policy here.