If you are a yacht owner, you’ve probably already realized that space aboard your yacht is at a premium!  Depending on your layout, there are several places a TV would be desirable. Maybe you want one in the master bedroom – or perhaps you have the perfect spot in your lounge.

Fortunately, you don’t have to sacrifice quality and style for space! A TV lift could make installing a new screen on board your yacht a simple process. A hidden lift won’t shrink your living space, and can deliver an excellent option for great entertainment.



There are at least 5 reasons you should consider TV lifts as a welcome addition to your yacht:

  • First, it helps keep your TV safe and secure, even in heavy seas. As any seafarer knows, rough waters make anything not bolted down susceptible to damage! A TV is an investment, and should be protected.
  • Second, a TV lift that is concealed means your TV isn’t constantly taking up valuable space. You can put it away when it isn’t in use. Even when it is on display, it will be well out of the way!
  • Third, a TV lift can be easily integrated in several ways. A TV lift can be installed into the wall cabinetry or inside a dresser. If you have the luxury of a wet bar, consider hiding a lift inside the bar where it can be accessed with the push of a button.
  • Fourth, if you want multiple televisions installed, you simply repeat the process. There’s not a limit to the number of lifts you can have installed on your yacht.

Fifth, you don’t have to use TV lifts just for televisions. Your yacht can be outfitted with lifts to hide speakers for your entertainment system or appliances such as a coffeemaker or microwave. You can hide your medicine cabinet away in the tiny bathroom, or even disguise a small safe for holding important documents or storing valuables.

Whether you are a new yacht owner or are considering buying an older yacht for renovation, look into the possibility of using concealment lifts. They can streamline your space, provide extra storage or protect your privacy by hiding away items that don’t need to be advertised.

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