Does your RV boast a TV? If not, why not? If so – is it time for an upgrade? Flat screen televisions as a standard in RVs have only become popular in the past 8-10 years. In addition, older RVs with TVs in them usually had the unit securely bolted in a permanent position, without options for moving it or getting a better viewing angle.


Nexus 21 can provide a TV lift for installation in an RV that previously had no TV. A fixed mount can also be replaced with a new TV on a lift. This can save space and provide a better viewing experience.


This two part blog post takes a look at how you can use our lifts to make your RV even more comfortable and enjoyable! If you are motivated to make a change, give Nexus 21 a call and find out what TV lift application would work best for your home on wheels. We are always excited to hear about DIY projects, so if you do your own, send us pictures of your updated ride!

Part One:

Let’s take a look at the various placements of a TV in an RV, and discuss how a TV lift can improve your entertainment while enhancing your super-sized ride.

Front Seat Screens: The Windshield Cabinet

Many RVs have cabinets above the windshield. A TV lift can be installed into this cabinet and dropped down when you want to relax after a day on the road. You can add additional bling such as a Blu-ray player (thank goodness, now we have Redboxes everywhere!), speakers, and even surround sound systems.

In some cases, you may wish to modify the existing installation. Old TV cabinet installations may be bulkier than needed for a new slimmer TV. Remove the old cabinets and TV, and install a TV lift that has a slimmer profile to hold a flat screen.

Either way, replacing an old TV or installing one in an RV that previously had no TV can help you enjoy your home away from home. Of course, having the TV up front may not be your first choice. Even if that was the original location, you aren’t forced to keep it there. In part 2 of this article, we’ll look at different places you can install an RV TV lift and enjoy watching your favorite shows from the comfort of the open road!