Tired of cluttered looking cabinets and cords everywhere from small appliances? A TV lift could transform a section of your kitchen into a useful oasis – with even better aesthetics than you ever imagined. Here are just a few ideas for incorporating a lift into your existing kitchen:



  • Add an island. Building a small island for your kitchen is a fairly simple job. An electrician can be enlisted to install a power outlet in the floor, accessible through the inside of the cabinet. Install a lift with a platform to hold your favorite small appliance, such as a Kitchen Aid. With the push of a button, it rises up to turn the counter top into a mixing station, then slides away again when you are finished baking.
  • Create a coffee corner. That beloved coffee pot can share space with filters, beans, a grinder and your favorite mugs, without cluttering your counter top. Simply install a lift inside a corner caddy and it will slide down out of the way after your morning cup of Joe. Before you go to bed, raise it up and set the coffeemaker for the next day!


  • Love to cook, but tired of your spices being in disarray? Create an amazing spice rack, then install a lift inside your upper cabinet. The rack will slide down for easy access next to the stove, then back up and away after use. You’ll never be annoyed by your coriander and cumin getting misplaced again.

These are just a few of the ideas for an upgraded kitchen. Have you used a TV lift or storage lift in a unique way on your own? Let us know!