Nexus 21 v. Lifts Made in China: Is There a Difference? (Round 2)

A few weeks ago we published a post about the big differences between Nexus 21’s lifts and some of the cheaper, mass-produced Chinese lifts. By the end of that article [...]

February 24th, 2016|TV Lift Mechanisms, TV Lifts|0 Comments

Ceiling TV: Automatically Dropping Your TV From the Ceiling

We talk with a lot of professionals who are designing homes for clients that are fortunate enough to have an attic. When you’ve got open space above the living area, [...]

February 18th, 2016|DIY Projects, Home Automation, Interior Design|0 Comments

Weatherproof TV Enclosures: Outdoor TV Stands That Are Weatherproof

A lot of the professionals we work with come to us for lifts that can conceal TVs in an outdoor patio space. The most popular location for a patio lift? [...]

Pop Up TV Cabinets: TVs That Are Hidden in the Floor

In a perfect world, you’d already have a tv creatively hidden in every room of your house. But we’ve learned over the years that we rarely run into a perfect [...]

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Nexus 21 v. Lifts Made in China: Is There a Difference?

Let’s set the stage for this showdown. In one corner, there’s a slew of our competitors. They source their motors, brackets and other hardware from various Chinese manufacturers. Their products [...]

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Versatile TV: The Most Versatile TV Lift System

If our collection of concealment lifts were an All-Star team, the Nexus 21 L-45 would be our power hitting, fleet-footed shortstop that can play just about any position on the [...]

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Water TVs: How to Hide a TV on a Boat

Most of the jobs we get involved in are based on dry land – homes, RV’s and the occasional vintage bus. However, a while ago we had the pleasure of [...]

Microwave Furniture: 4-Wheel Portable Kitchens

When Paradise Coach in Coburg, OR, called us about installing a lift into a bus they were overhauling, we didn’t hesitate. The bus in question was a 1947 GMC Silverside, [...]

Putting a TV Lift in Your Home: How to Get Started and Why It’s Easier Than You Think

Many clients come to Nexus 21 with a desire to install a lift, but they’re not quite sure how the lift is going to fit [...]

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Increasing Home Value Through Automation

Every home designer meets challenges. Imagine having an empty lot as a canvas, then merging your expertise and creativity with the expectations and preferences of the homeowner. That’s difficult enough. [...]

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