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TV Cabinet Designs

We like to call Tom Scaglione’s recent Scottsdale, Ariz., TV concealment, "The Scottsdale Sneak." Why? Because Tom, like many Nexus 21 customers, faced a dilemma during the planning phase of [...]

Invisible TV Stand: Hide Your TV with Custom Lifts & Stands

When a visible television doesn’t work for your space installing a TV floor lift can better the appearance, feel, and living arrangements of your household. With a push of the [...]

Man Cave TV Stand – 5 Screen Man Cave TV Lift

Struggling to find the perfect gift for that special man in your life? Perhaps a gift for his man-cave is in order. A man cave, it should be noted, is [...]

TV Unit Designs: Floor, Ceiling, and More

Considering a TV lift, but unable to decide between a floor or ceiling lift? Here are some tips to help you choose! TV Lifts – Floor TV lifts located in [...]

Media Room Décor & Interior Design

As we move further and further into the digital age, we access visual data on so many devices. We have phones, tablets, notebooks, netbooks, laptops and PCs. We can [...]

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DIY Living Room TV Ideas

Living rooms are one of the most used rooms in a home – but arranging them can be a hassle! Sometimes the room serves more than one purpose, with people [...]

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Selling Home Automation: For Clients & Home Builders

If you are into home building, one of the fastest growing trends today is home automation. People want the latest in high-tech in their new home, and you can steer [...]

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DIY Home Automation Ideas & Tips

It goes all the way back to the Jetsons - the homes of the future!  While robots that do housework are still out of reach (no, Roombas don’t count), we [...]

Combining Home & TV Automation

We see our TV lifts as part of a wave of home automation trends that will improve your living environment over the coming decades. We always enjoy imagining what other [...]

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Kitchen TV Cabinet

Kitchen cabinets make a great hiding place for a TV lift. But how do you know if there’s really enough room in yours to put a TV? Standard kitchen cabinets [...]

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