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New Year, New TV, New Furniture!

If one of your gifts this year was a new TV, you are probably very happy! 2014 saw huge leaps in the TV industry, with TVs getting even bigger and [...]

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TV Lifts for Beds & Bedroom TV Lifts

Looking for a way to spice up the bedroom? No, we aren’t talking about adding handcuffs and blindfolds, “50 Shades” style. We are just talking about adding a TV lift! [...]

January 28th, 2015|TV Lift Cabinets, TV Lifts|0 Comments

Selling Home Automation: For Clients & Home Builders

If you are into home building, one of the fastest growing trends today is home automation. People want the latest in high-tech in their new home, and you can steer [...]

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At the Office: TV Lifts for the Professional World

How is your office looking these days? Is it up to date? Does it have high tech devices to impress visitors? It might be time for an upgrade in any [...]

Kitchen TV Lifts – a Modern Convenience for the Modern Homeowner

Today, kitchens are gathering places for the entire family. Formal dining rooms sit unused, as everyone gathers around the kitchen table! Kitchens are bigger, roomier, and have plenty of space. [...]

Under/Over the Bed Lifts vs Ceiling or Footboard TV Lifts

We’ve all seen demonstrations for TV lift mechanisms that fit under the bed. Like a giant robot arm, they slide from under the bed, cranking into position with a whir [...]

Stunning Chris-Craft Restoration Includes Hidden TV Lift

If you know about boats, you know that the name Chris-Craft is synonymous with the best. The iconic boat manufacturer is well known and respected for their handmade wooden cruisers, [...]

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TV Lift or TV Wall Mount? Make the Right Choice!

Your new slim profile TV deserves a special place - but how do you keep it and your kids safe without compromising the quality of your viewing time? While people [...]

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Think Wall TV Mounts are Best? Think Again!

According to this news report, Ergotron, a major manufacturer of TV wall mounts is recalling more than 215,000 television wall mounts: “The Consumer Product Safety Commission says the mounts are [...]

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TV Lifts vs. Entertainment Centers vs. Wall Mounts

Why should you choose a TV lift cabinet over a standard entertainment center or a wall mount? Here are a few of the differences you’ll find when it comes to [...]

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